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Parent Resources


Classroom Communication

Teachers may send communication home through a variety of tools including:

  • Paper newsletter, fliers or homework folder
  • Classroom website
  • Class app (Remind, Class Dojo, etc.)
  • E-mail
  • Phone calls

Connecting with Staff

School Office: 916-575-2362

24 Hour Attendance Line:

To speak with a teacher (or student) during school hours, please contact the office.  You can e-mail teachers directly at any time or request an available meeting time. Trying to connect with a teacher directly before or after school is not recommended without an appointment. School staff are preparing for the day and/or have various supervision duties before and after school for safety.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide support for all families.

Questions/Concerns: Not sure where to start?  Follow this line of communication to start:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • Office Staff
  • Specialist (English Learner, Special Education)
  • School Principal
  • SJUSD Family and Community Engagement Dept. (916-971-7929)

Steps to resolve concerns:

  • Meet directly with the person that has a connection to your concern. Express the concern, listen to their perspective and seek resolution.
  • If the issue is not resolved, bring it to the attention of the school principal who will investigate the situation.
  • If the problem continues, contact the Family and Community Engagement Department, who will mediate the issue to find a resolution.

Student Cell Phones

Recent changes in the California Education Code and district policy permit the possession of cell phones while on campus. A parent permission form needs to be completed in the school office for any student bringing a phone to school. However, unless permission has been granted by the classroom teacher, cell phones must be put away and turned off or on silent during school hours. Phones used during school hours will be placed in the school office until after school.  Phones used without a parent permission form on file will be placed in the school office until a parent/guardian can collect it.

These procedures are to assist you in understanding how to use the school parking lot. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please call the office at (916) 575-2362.

Parking Procedures


Automobiles may use available parking spaces that are not marked for use by STAFF. Those spaces are designated for STAFF and are painted. They may enter for access to parking or may enter the waiting line in order proceed to the Pick Up/Drop Off zone. Drivers must remain in their cars in the Pick Up/Drop Off zones. Please keep speed as low as possible and remain off cell phones.


A.M. Schedule:

The crosswalk will be supervised by a staff member 10 minutes prior to the start of the school day. There will be no crosswalk supervision in the morning until 10 minutes prior to the bell ringing, though there is occasional supervision in order to determine compliance.

P.M. Schedule:

The crosswalk within our parking lot will be supervised by a staff member at the end of the school day until most of the traffic has subsided. There may be occasional supervisioin in order to determine compliance.

Mission Avenue Crosswalk:

As this crossing is controlled by a signal light and is not within the purview of the school site or SJUSD, there will be no assigned supervisor. 

Student Procedures:

  • Parents/guardians and students must use the crosswalk only in our parking lot. All parents and staff are expected to set an example of safe practices for our students.
  • Students exiting a vehicle must immediately enter the school grounds.
  • Students waiting to enter a vehicle must wait within our gates until their ride arrives in the Pick Up zone.
  • Please encourage your child to be prepared to enter and exit your vehicle quickly.
  • Students are to wait for their driver/parent in the waiting area on the blacktop behind the fence after school dismissal.
  • If a student is not picked up within 20 minutes of the end of school, he/she will be sent to the school office until the parent/driver arrives to pick them up. There is no supervision 20 minutes after school gets out.
  • If your child has not been picked up and you have not called the school office within 20 minutes after the end of school, the school office will call your listed emergency contacts.  In the event that no emergency contacts respond, local law enforcement will be contacted.

Pick Up/Drop Off Zone 

This zone is designed to be a single Pick Up line. Do not double park under any circumstances. Do not block any handicap spaces. If your child is not ready to be picked up or is not there within a few minutes for Pick Up, please exit the zone and drive around again. A staff member will be there to ensure student safety at Pick Up within 20 minutes of the end of the school day. You must follow the staff members instructions to ensure a smooth and safe Pick Up for all families.


The entrance to the parking lot is located on Bertis Drive. The exit is located on Mission Avenue. Please do not use the entrance as an exit or the exit as an entrance.

"Drive Through" Zone: 

This lane is provided for you to easily access parking to proceed through the parking lot and to use as you leave the Drop Off zone. Never use this lane as a waiting lane or as a Pick Up/Drop Off lane.

Fire Zone:

The fire zone is marked red and located at the front of the school. It is marked "No Parking." Please do not park here for any reason at any time.

Specified Parking: 

Vehicles may use available parking spaces that are not marked for use by STAFF. Those spaces are designated for STAFF and are painted. You may park in any other open space that is not specifically designated for STAFF.

Neighborhood Parking

There are times when there is insufficient parking on-site. Please be considerate of our neighbors. Please do not park in the apartment complexes near or across from the school - your car will be towed. 

Parking Lot Privileges

Please keep in mind that the parking lot is a privilege to use. Those refusing to drive safely or who refuse to abide by the procedures may have their parking lot privilege suspended and law enforcement will be contacted.


Call the attendance clerk at (916) 575-2362 to report ALL absences and late arrivals. Email notices regarding absences/late arrivals will receive a call from the school office.

Failure to call in or return a call from the school office regarding a student's absence will result in the student being recorded as truant in the school district attendance database.

Children who arrive late to school (after the bell has rung) must go directly to the school office to check-in and receive a pass before going to their classroom.

Unless there is an actual emergency, we will NOT interrupt the classroom.

Requests for Independent Study and Temporary Home Assignments must be made 10 business days in advance of departure.