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Welcome to our school library.

There are certain fees and policies our school needs to follow. There is a link below to this page that include the information about textbook fees and procedures. The main thing to remember is that each student is responsible for their textbooks and library books. Yes, this means paying for it if lost or damaged.

Each class will visit the library every week. Grades first through sixth will begin checking out books the first full week of school. Kindergarten check out will be determined later in the year. When a student returns their book they will be able to checkout another one. The library will be open every morning recess for students. The library will not be open during lunch recess. The library will be open after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and before school on Thursdays for students and parents if they have any questions or need to check out a book.

Students are allowed to check out one book at a time. When they are working on a school report, they may check out an additional book for the report or assignment.

If a student does not return his/her book they will not be allowed to check out another book until it is returned. In addition to their library time, students may come in during recess or after school (when open) to return or checkout a book. If I am not in the library and you are returning a book, please put the book in the book return slot located beneath the front counter top. If a student is not finished with their book by their next library time, they may keep it out as long as they are reading it.

When a student loses a book, these are the options:
1.    They may pay the replacement cost of the book plus a processing fee
2.    They may replace the book themselves (exactly the same)

3.    The student may replace the book with a book of equal value and interest   Please review the Lost or Damaged Textbook Policy for more detailed information.

Many of our books in the library are bound especially for library use.  The books are expensive and they last a long time.  The replacement cost may be anywhere from $6.00 for a paperback to $30.00 for a hardback.  Replacing a textbook is between $40.00 to $90.00.

If a student has a book out at the end of the year, the overdue book will still be on their school record for the new school year.  They may not check out a book until it is cleared.  

Shauna Chatters,  Librarian

916-575-2362, ext. 133870